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"Not all heroes wear capes, mine wear running shoes and the title COACH proud!"
- Cara D

I'm from a small rural community an hour and a half out of Saskatoon. I joined Riversdale Athletics Club in November of 2017. My first practice I was welcomed with open arms, I remember that day like it was yesterday and RossAnn's words clearly, “this is Cara, she is new, make her feel welcome”. Trust me when I say I felt welcomed the second she said that.

My first year in the club my results weren't exactly what I was hoping for, I went through a lot of growing and I was still trying to adjust to the commute and a different training program. The next year I came back to train again, my love for this sport and more importantly the athletes and coaches within Riversdale were what brought me back. They've constantly supported me, good or bad results, no one judges.

With joining Riversdale, I have not only joined a team, but joined a family. I have not only gained teammates, but lifelong friends. Friends that have been by my side on some of the hardest days of my life, and have helped me celebrate some of my best days and biggest accomplishments. My coaches are not only my coaches, they are some of my greatest friends and people that I look up to everyday. “Not all heroes wear capes”, mine wear running shoes and the title COACH proud.

As I near my last two years as a highschool athlete, I will hold on tight to the lessons I've learned, the people I've met, and all the experiences this club has brought to me. I once was the intimated one joining the club, so I am going to try my absolute hardest to make myself available to anyone that needs a helping hand and a point in the right direction. Don't be afraid to ever ask me anything and remember theres no such thing as a stupid question.

I can say without a doubt that joining Riversdale Athletics Club is the best decision I have ever made and has truly changed my life for the better.