General Information

Welcome to Riversdale Athletics Club!

We strive to provide a developmentally appropriate, safe, supportive, fun and challenging atmosphere for our athletes. Whether you are just starting track and field, you are very experienced, you are 10 years old or a masters-aged athlete, you are important to us and deserve our attention!

Start Dates

For full program details please see below. Start dates for each event area will are as follows:
Indoor Training: November 1st at Saskatoon Fieldhouse
XCountry/Middle Distance: August 28 behind Lakewood Civic Centre 4:30 – 6:15pm
Junior Development Base Training: September 10th at east end of the weir 4:30 – 6:00pm
Sprints/Hurdles/Jumps Base Training: September 24th at play structure at Gabriel Dumont Park 4:30 – 6:00pm
Pole Vault: September 23rd at "Dog statue" in front of Griffiths Stadium 4:45pm
Masters athletes: as per start date of your event area of interest

Junior Development

Riversdale Athletics' Junior Development Program is the perfect fit for the 9-12 year old athlete who would like to learn basic track and field skills, including sprints, throws, and jumps.
Our base training season is held outdoors at the East end of the weir (map to be provided). Training begins on September 10th. Our practice times are 4:30-6:00 on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.
We move indoors to the Field House for the beginning on November, where we turn our focus from basic conditioning to skill development.
With the Developmental age group, we aim to have fun while learning how to train for personal growth and competition.


Coach: Andrew Schellenberg

Throws training begins in the indoor season, when shot put is introduced. This will be offered on Wednesdays for U16 and older athletes. For the Jr. Development group (U12 and U14), shot put will be offered every other Tuesday and the occasional Thursday. In outdoor season and until the end of June, training in shot put, javelin and discus is offered

Cross Country/Middle Distance

Coaches: RossAnn Edwards, Brammon Edwards, Davis Guenther, Graham Fast

We will be training outside during Sept. and Oct. doing base training for track season and cross country training for those wanting to compete in cross country events. Please see the listing of cross country events scheduled for Sept., Oct, and Nov. As you will see on the training venues information, we train at various outdoor locations for cross country. This is so we can build strength through hill running as well as train on different terrains that are representative of the race venues. We will not train outdoors in the pouring rain; however, if light showers are intermittent, we will have practice.

For full information about Cross Country/Middle distance please click here


Coaches: Chris Schneider, Jared Olson, Ryan Graf, Landon Hretsina, Tanika Hutchinson, Morgan Hedman

Welcome Riversdale’s Sprint/Hurdle/Jumps Group! Throughout base training and the indoor/outdoor seasons, all of the speed/power athletes train as a collective. We believe strongly in building a cohesive group of athletes, who work together and motivate each other to strive for excellence. Training will start September 24th at Gabriel Dumont Park

For full information about Sprints/Hurdles/Jumps please click here


Coaches: Caren Reidl and all event coaches

Riversdale Athletics Club welcomes all masters athletes in a friendly and challenging training environment. We encourage all levels and abilities to take part. Our master athletes enjoy friendship and fun and the ability to challenge themselves and their fitness levels. Master athletes compete locally, provincially, nationally and internationally.

Competitions feature age groups beginning at 30 years old (sub-masters) and 35 years and older (masters age classes). All age groups compete in 5 year age increments.

The Masters training is available in all events and occurs as part of the regular event training days and times. Please visit the information documents for the event areas of interest for you.

Indoor and outdoor training (base or cross country) and competitions are available.