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General Information

Welcome to Riversdale Athletics Club!

We strive to provide a developmentally appropriate, safe, supportive, fun and challenging atmosphere for our athletes. Whether you are just starting track and field, you are very experienced, you are 10 years old or a masters-aged athlete, you are important to us and deserve our attention!

2021 Base/2022 Indoor Programs


Base training: Indoor registration for 2021/22 includes 2021 base training

Start date - September 12th Ages: U12 and U14 (born 2011 and earlier)

Location: North end of field #11 (see map)

Training days: Tuesday’s & Thursday’s

Training times: 4:30 - 6:00pm

What to Bring: an email will be sent to registrants

Indoor Training

Dates: November 2, 2021 – early June, 2022

Training Days: Tuesdays & Thursdays

Training Times: 6:30 – 7:45pm

Training will move to Gordie Howe Track for outdoors in April/May, 2022 and run into June.


Start Date: Monday, Aug. 23, Diefenbaker Park just past the washroom building

Practice times:

(U12& U14) Mon & Wed 4:30 – 6pm

Older ages 4:30 – 6:15 or 6:30 pm Mon, Wed., Fri.; some Saturdays time TBA

- An email will be sent to members on Sat or Sun each week with the schedule and On Your Own (OYO) runs for the upcoming week. 


Cross Country registration is $100 plus a Sask Athletics recreational runner membership. If you decide to register in indoor track, this $100 will be returned in January, 2022. 

Welcome to the cross country/middle distance group. We will be training outside during Sept. and Oct. doing base training for track season and cross country training, We train at various outdoor locations so we can build strength through hill running, accommodate different types of interval training, and prepare athletes for different competition venues. We will not train outdoors in the pouring rain; however, if light showers are intermittent, we will have practice.

You will need:

- a good pair of running shoes that are for running only

- a med ball (ask about weight in the first session)

- a watch that takes split times (ask in the first session if unsure what this is)

- two filled water bottles, 1 with water; 1 with Gatorade/electrolyte drink

- a recovery snack (protein and carbohydrate), to eat within 20 min post workout

- clothing that is appropriate for all weather (shorts, top, sweats. jacket, hat, mitts, extra socks, bug spray). Bring sweat pants to all practices.

- A pair of spikes – not required, but recommended (speak with Coach RossAnn (rossannedwards@gmail.com).

Indoor training 

- is scheduled to begin in the Saskatoon Fieldhouse on November 1st. Outdoor training runs through the summer 2022 and depends on the competition goals of the athlete.


Base Training Information:

Registration for existing members is not required for base training. New athletes are required to register for the indoor training session to participate in base training.

Starting week of Sept 20th:

Practice times: 4:30-6:00 most days

- please be on time for drop off and pick up


- Grass Fields by Griffiths Stadium

- Gabriel Dumont Park

- Stadium Parking @ Griffiths Stadium

** emails through mail chimp will provide information for where weekly practices will take place **

Dress for weather:

Indoor Training:

Begins during the week of November 2nd

Outdoor training is held at Gordie Howe track and runs from April/May through the summer, 2022, depending on the competition goals of the athlete.

Indoor Location: Saskatoon Fieldhouse (Outdoors: Gordie Howe track runs through the summer, 2022, depending on the competition goals of the athlete).

Time slot: 4:30-6:00/6:30

Weekly Practice Schedule: (events specific days TBD)

  1. Monday’s
  2. Wednesday’s
  3. Friday’s


Base Training

2021 fall base training for the pole vault group will be as follows:

Indoor Training

Beginning on November 1, it is anticipated practices will move indoors to the fieldhouse and will run from 4:30-6:30PM on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.